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Our website is built on the foundation of Christianity and the gospels, designed as a ministry of prayer, faith, hope and peace with spiritual news for the community.  While exploring this site, it's our belief that through the power of the Holy Spirit visitors will experience God's love and His Holy presence.

By reading inspirational stories of faith and reciting daily Devotional Prayers, we believe Our Lord will refresh your soul and open your heart to receive His blessing and peace.

Jesus said, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls."   Matthew 11:28-29

Our ministry is a gathering place for all who are seeking to connect with Jesus, especially Catholics and all Christians aspiring to renew their faith with news of miracles. 

With an increase number of reports related to the miraculous, this website was constructed and launched in the USA by Mr. Lenar, a Catholic Christian, to help spread the good news in order to create public awareness of signs, wonders and miracles.

Our site is designed to help attain peace and unity in Christ Jesus.  

With over 6 million visitors to our website since its inception in 2008 -  our ministry is helping in the New Evangelization by connecting with people in the USA and elsewhere.

Please consider answering the call of Our Heavenly Father by taking a leap of faith and opening the door for Jesus to enter your life, and witness His divine mercy with news of life-changing miracles.

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any one hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me." Revelation 3:20

Let Jesus change your life and make it better by attending Holy Mass or weekly church services. Make a personal effort and return to the sacraments of the church and receive God's grace of mercy and salvation.

Regardless of your religious denomination, start reading the gospels and let Our Lord Jesus bless you and set you free with His divine peace and favor!

"For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him."  John 3:17

If you're ready to step forward -- than allow Our Lord to guide you with words of wisdom: "Do not conform to the pattern of the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is -- his good, pleasing and perfect will."  Romans 12:2

With respect to miracles, Jesus said, "Unless you people see signs and wonders you will never believe."  (John 4:48)  

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Wedding Feast at Cana - Photograph by Loci B. Lenar

All prayer requests that are submitted to are prayed for daily by our prayer ministry.

In addition, Mr. Lenar, the founder of has arranged with support of his parish priest, Fr. Richard Tartaglia of Saint Mary's Church, and Barbara Jones from the National Conference of Catholic Women (NCCW), to have prayer intentions prayed for each Monday morning after Mass during Holy Hour Adoration, between 8:30-9:30 am.  If you're unable to attend St. Mary's Church, Denville, NJ, please remember to join in prayerful unity as we petition God to answer all of our prayers.

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Previous services have included prayer for Christian Unity.  However, prayers for world peace are always included.

St. Mary's prayer service is held every Third Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM with a new theme. Check the schedule below for upcoming themes.

However, if you cannot attend St. Mary's prayer service, you can still join us by praying in unity with our prayer ministry and St. Mary’s Parish for all special prayer intentions.

There is great power through the Holy Spirit when people join together in agreement while praying for God’s help and intervention.

Many people are struggling with their finances, some are even unemployed. We all have family and friends that might need prayer. Some might be suffering from an illness or dealing with a troubled marriage or relationship. We are all in need of hope, especially when trying to cope with burdens that affect our daily lives.

The world is in dire need of peace, especially in light of all the violence that is seen daily on the news. With ongoing persecution of Christians in the middle east and other countries as well, please join us in prayer for all of these issues to be resolved with God's mercy.

Regardless of circumstances that you might be facing today, God cares and loves you. Let us pray for your needs and ask for divine assistance to help you or someone that is in need of God's intervention.

God wants us to approach him with the desires of our heart. Our Lord calls us to connect with his divine grace in order to receive blessings in our lives.

Trust and believe in God's word and wait for his timing to receive an answer to your prayers. Miracles happen when least expected!

Regardless of your religious denomination, email your prayer requests to: Your email address will remain confidential.

Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear. (Isaiah 65:24)

Regarding prayer, Jesus said, "Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst."  (Matthew 18:19-20)

Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. (Hebrews 4:16)

If you live in the area or plan on visiting New Jersey, please consider attending and joining in the evening prayer service.  The service begins with singing of hymns with the music ministry followed with psalm prayers and then reading of the gospels.  After the reading, the parish priest gives his homily which is followed with a prayer of intercession for Special Prayer Intentions (prayer requests). The Lord's Prayer is recited and there is a closing prayer with a blessing given by the priest.  The prayer service is concluded with a closing song.

Prayer requests can also be submitted with the online form at the following link:
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Testimonials of Faith

God calls us to share our faith and blessings in order to provide encouragement and hope for others.   In doing so, we spread the gospels to those in need of our Lord's love and mercy which in turn helps to build the Kingdom of God here on earth.

So what does scripture convey regarding answered prayer and events that change our lives for the better as a result of God's blessings?

Oh give thanks to the LORD, call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples. Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; Speak of all His wonderful acts. 

(1 Chronicles 16:8-9)   

I will give you thanks, for you answered me; you have become my salvation.  (Psalm 118:21)

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.                   (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

We wish to thank all subscribers and members of for your kind support of this website.  We also wish to express our gratitude to Fr. Richard Tartaglia of St. Mary's Church, and Barbara Jones of the National Conference of Catholic Women (NCCW), including our prayer ministry. Our heartfelt gratitude also goes out to the music ministry including parishioners of St. Mary's Church for praying on behalf of all who have submitted prayer requests through this site. 

We give thanks and praise to God for blessing this site as a public ministry of prayer, faith and hope.  May the Blessed Mother and Holy Saints intercede on your behalf and obtain God's blessings and favor.  May Almighty God the Father answer all your prayers through his divine son Jesus Christ.

Therese O'Neil writes on June 5, 2919: "I have been praying the prayer to Our Lady of Perpetual Help for Financial Aid.  My prayers have been answered and I wanted to shout it from the highest height!  I don't know where to announce that my prayers have been answered so I'm using this venue. Thank you for a wonder website of prayer!" 

Dave Piekarczyk writes on April 2, 2019: "I sincerely am thankful for all the prayers said on my behalf.  My house was sold, but only with the help of all your prayers."  

Nikita Marshal writes on December 13, 2018: "I would like to report my testimony to my prayer request. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon the Christian-Miracles website but, I found the prayer list helpful and I also requested a prayer request for a something which I had given up hope. I was looking to be gainfully employed for the last 1.5 years but of no avail. Within few weeks on placing my prayer request I was granted a temporary 1 year assignment to begin work in Jan 2019. I  wholeheartedly thank each one of you that prayed, and above all, thank God Almighty for this favor and igniting my hope again." 

Yolanda Scranton writes on November 6, 2018: "I wish to give thanks for a healing that I believe was given to me through prayers to St. Anthony. I had a scar on the cornea of my right eye which was thinning. The eye doctor said that this scar needed to heal because if it ruptured the eye would become infected to the point that I could lose the eye. She said that if the scar did not heal I would be looking at a cornea transplant before anything else. I have been praying to my beloved St. Anthony to help me. Today I went to see the doctor and was fully prepared to go ahead with planning and preparing for the transplant. When she looked through the lens to examine the progress if any the contact lens that was placed on the scar for healing was gone and the scar has somehow healed. I told her I have been praying for St. Anthony to please hear my prayers and help me. I believe in the power of God and I wanted to thank you for making this site available to me so that I can say my prayers and give thanks. Thank you so much."

David Kariuki writes on June 9, 2018: "A request made for prayer on my son's healing who was in ICU is answered. The baby stayed in hospital for a month, but when I made this prayer request, he was discharged in four days from ICU to main Ward and in 3 days from the hospital. All glory be to God in Jesus' name. Hallelujah!! Thanks to your prayers."

Cecilia Mumba writes on December 27, 2017: "I asked you to help me pray for my eyes and now God has answered our prayers. I initially lived in a different town from where I now live and there, I was told I had glaucoma, eye disease that cannot be cured. I was put on medication (eye drops) which I had to use for life. I am now in a different town and continued to go to the eye hospital for help. I earlier asked you to help me pray, you did. I was at the hospital again today (27th December) and it was confirmed that I do not have glaucoma and that I do not need any medication for my eyes. I was discharged. Thank you for your prayers and please, do not stop helping people to pray."

Archana Choudary writes on December 2, 2017: "My Dad, Karnati Thomas, his heart clot is fully melted. I sent a prayer request three weeks back about my dads clot. Today he is going for checkup. Doctor checked and said clot is melted, this is a miracle. Thank you for praying for my dad." 

Loise Chaga writes on April 14, 2017: "I thank the people who created this website because through it, I have seen God's wonders and favors. May the good Lord bless you. Prayers have now become part of my life, thanks to this website. I'm grateful for your help."

Cynthia Wayne writes on January 26, 2017: "I've been sending in prayer requests to your website for awhile now, and as you may know, Prayers Are answered every day.

All of my requests that I submitted HAVE been answered!

Some answers came so fast, it surprised me. And some prayers were answered in a roundabout way, it mystifies me on how God worked everything out in my financial dilemmas.

I've had so many miraculous healings after I sent in my prayer requests to your beautiful organization. God has blessed me with so many answers and solutions, from physical healing to financial. And so quickly too!

Thank you again for all of your prayers. God Bless!"

Agnes D'cruz writes on January 16, 2017 "I wish to express my sincere thanks to your website and prayer group for all your prayers for the healing of my grandson's condition and speech issues. He has not spoken, talked or responded verbally all these 4+yrs. Imagine the joy and happiness I experienced and all I could do was to praise and thank God for this miracle."

Joanne Laverty writes on December 9, 2016: "Thank you so much for your prayers, scan shows lump has gone, truly miraculous, god bless you."

Patricia Beacham writes on December 5, 2016: "We were told that my son would not walk again. He had begun to get sensation in his toes and trying to stand. Praise God from whom all blessings flow; thank the prayer community. Continue to pray for us."

Cynthia Wayne writes on November 11, 2016: "Thank you so much for your prayers! I have submitted a few requests for special intentions to your beautiful organization, and they have all been answered! One time, one of my prayer requests was answered within 12 hours! And it was concerning a refund of some funds that I thought I was going to have to go to court over. As you pray for me, I say 'Thanksgiving' prayers for all of you!' Thank you so much for praying over all of my and everyone else's intentions!"

Jo-Ann Vasquez writes on June 9, 2016: "I have requested prayers from your site and all of them were granted. Thank you."

Sarah Fitzroy writes on May 14, 2016: "I just want to thank you all wonderful people who prayed for my needs as well as so many other people. I just get more and more excited about prayer. My prayers were answered in so many ways, not just what I needed to happen, but my life is just amazing. I love prayer, thank you all."

Jennifer Bernard writes on December 12, 2015: "I wrote to you asking to pray for my marriage. Today I can say through the Lord Jesus God has restored my marriage, and my husband who works away from home calls all the time, admitting he loves me daily and wants to stay married, he loves his wife. This I hear daily. I publicly thank God from my heart for answered prayers. To God be the Glory, great things He has done!" 

Kuraz Arkz writes on December 4, 2015: "Thank you blessed Trinity for all the answered prayers. All my prayer intentions submitted here are always being answered promptly. Thank you Blessed Trinity."

Graziella-Cristina Eremrj writes on February 28, 2015: "Thank you for sharing with us the light of faith. Thank you for all your work, devotion, enthusiasm and love. Thank you for your inspired and inspirational activity. Thank you for the wonderful prayers to our Father,  Jesus, Virgin Mary, Holy Spirit,  Archangels, Angels, Saints. God bless you!"

Helena Rickijevic writes on December 13, 2014: "Thank you for praying for my father. His health has improved a lot. His blood sugar is under control, and he hasn't had hypoglycemia in a long time. Also, his stomach ulcer seems to have disappeared. His nausea stopped and all that without medication. As far as his leg, he can walk a little without the cane. God is great!"

Thabi Nyamane writes on November 3, 2014: "I would like to share a testimony for prayers that I sent through your website in July/Aug/Sept 2014.

I prayed that my sister's auto Immune disease to be be healed, and this month (November) she is healthy, and doctors have no explanation how this could be. I am thankful to God for his mercy and I am thankful for all your prayers.

My other prayer was for my sisters to find work, as we speak, one has started today, her circumstances were such that no one wanted to employ her. I am actually very emotional because I realize the miracle that is within my sister finding work while being Bipolar. My other sister, is going for an interview and it looks good. Only God can make miracles happen. Such astounding miracle.

My third prayer which I prayed in July, before the others was that I would find clarity with a particular man and have him choose whether he wants me in his life or not. I prayed for a partner. You won't believe me but this particular guy has chosen me and each day he shows me how much he appreciates me and how much he loves me and he is extending this to my daughter as well.

Miracles happen. I believe and would like to tell everyone that submits their prayers on your websites to never give up hope. Things might not change immediately but they will. The Lord loves us and if we ask we shall receive unless its something that might harm us.
I will never be able to thank Him and everyone who prays for me enough. May you all keep doing your wonderful work with Love and pure hearts. May you all stay blessed."

Emmanuel Osime writes: "I just want to say thank you for your wonderful prayers for my son Matthew. He had a heart transplant in May 2013. It was a success and since then, he is been doing fine. He just got back from a basketball camp at the University of Connecticut. So I want to say thanks to all you that have been praying for him. May God continue to bless your works. Amen. GOD IS GREAT!!"

Bethany-Megan Pennine writes:  "I'm unsure whether or not it was your lovely internet site (, but when I submitted my prayer request to you, I found the St. Jude Prayer and as I lingered there, a beautiful perfume/fragrance came into the room. I felt spiritually uplifted and knew it was nothing material but a spiritual presence.  My sincere appreciation to the Good Lord & Saints and yourselves!!!  With kindest regards and God bless you for your wonderful saintly work."

Megan Elliott writes on April 10, 2012: "Today I saw on Spirit Daily an image of a miraculous photo that links to your website. You will see that the cross of light on your website looks the same as the image in the photo I sent to you! When I saw those photos this morning I cried with joy. 

Everyday for seven years I have thought of that miraculous image I saw and now here is someone else (Loci B. Lenar) with such an experience!!! I just cannot fathom such things! Actually, it is so providential, as of today (I am now in teacher's college at University of Toronto) I had to do a presentation on a possible resource that religion teachers could use in the classroom. I really wanted to present on the Spirit Daily website, but I was afraid of the reaction I would get by less 'orthodox' individuals. But this morning I said I would not shy away from my spirituality and my beliefs. So I presented the Spirit Daily website to my class and also showed your website ( as well. I was almost in tears!

I took the picture in 2005 in Ottawa, Ontario, (coincidentally during this summer I had a 'conversion of heart'). It is also the day before my birthday. I have only seen it that day and the day after for maybe 30 minutes each.
This morning I praised God and as I did so, two bright flashes quickly illuminated (my already brightly lit) bedro

Joan Wester Anderson writes in her column on "One of my favorite fellow bloggers is Loci Lenar, who posts Angels, Wonders and Miracles of Faith. This blog documents current spiritual signs and wonders, happenings that make people sit up and take notice. It’s a beautiful and colorful site—Loci is extremely tech-talented—but the content is even better because we are able to see it."

Gail Aggen, a member of our site, writes: "I am a Catholic Christian wife, mother and grandmother. I have returned to Catholicism after being in the Episcopal church from age 20 to age 50. The Protestant church taught me the bible and about building Christian community. The Catholic Church is my "birth mother", and the one to which I have returned. I believe in the Real Presence in the holy Eucharist, the doctrines of Mary and the saints and feel I am a bridge to others from both sides."

Michael La Corte, the former Executive Director at The World Apostolate of Fatima, USA, writes: "Loci, congratulations on your beautiful site ( and informative blog (Angels, Wonders, and Miracles of Faith).  I am sure you touch many hearts and souls."

Linda Andrie writes: "I love the spirituality of this website. I love the prayers and community that exemplifies Christ's Love for us."

Janet Mary Pimental, a member of our site and a Veteran of the Navy Waves, writes: "I am a devout Christian and find your wonderful website fulfills all my ideals of Christianity."

Alfredo Briones writes: "Before finding this website (, my life was is disarray.  My faith was diminishing, health was poor and my overall view of life was pessimistic. Through not only my prayers but through the prayers of those that prayed for me, Our Lord and Savior Jesus has answered my prayers. I am healthier; I am looking at life in a different perspective and my faith has risen to a new level. I truly believe that I was led to this wonderful website that has changed my life. I pray for everyone on this site and I will always be grateful for what this website has done for me.  Praise God for he is the answer and the love; the power and the glory forever."

Annie Thomas writes, "I got internal peace and faith while browsing through this website ( May God make all things possible."

Fred writes, "I thank the Lord for guiding me to this website (; the strength of prayer is truly awesome and faith is powerful. May God watch over everyone on this site and answer all their prayer requests. Let us never give up hope and faith."

Maria Antonia writes: "I fell in love with this fantastic website (, and can't miss visiting even for one single day!"

Patricia Louis writes: " Loci, I'm so happy to have found you on the Internet!!!  While searching the Internet for pictures of the Wedding Feast at Cana, I came across your Web Site ( and then on to (Signs, Wonders and Miracles).  WOW!  How awesome!  It's a definite "bookmark" page.  And I totally agree with you that "peace is coming!"  Our Lady's January 25, 2011, Medjugorje message confirms it!"

Edna writes: "I believe it is by God’s grace that I came to this website ( I am a 31 year old woman living in Uganda and I am truly humbled by this site.  As a young child, I heard my mum always say that Saint Jude Thaddeus is a true miracle worker. I chose him as my intercessor to Almighty God. I have no regrets whatsoever and I strongly say this with all confidence that he has seen me through my entire school life; helped me pass all my exams; got a good Job; great family, the list is endless."

Please share your faith, blessings, testimony or story with our community. When sending email, please include your full name.  Send to:



A Timely Message Regarding Archangel Michael and God's Reign of Peace

A Timely Message Regarding Archangel Michael and God's Reign of PeaceBy Loci B. LenarMessage from Jesus: “My Father’...

Posted by "" on Saturday, May 16, 2015


May 14, 2015

By Loci B. Lenar

Message from Jesus: “My Father’s timing to fulfill Revelation 20:1-3 has arrived.”

On Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday of 2015, I received the following message from Jesus through a locution.  Our Lord communicated: “My Father’s Will is to mitigate apocalyptic events, suddenly it will happen.”  Jesus made reference to Our Heavenly Father’s timing in fulfilling Revelation 20:1-3 with a thousand year reign of peace. 

Jesus connected His communication to Our Lady’s message that I had received in a spiritual locution on February 26, 2015. Our Lady’s communication said: "Consecrate the world to Saint Michael the Archangel's protection," and made reference to the violence in our world including the chaos in the Middle East. 

In my locution, Jesus went on with His announcement and said, “Therefore, consecrate the world to Michael the Archangel’s protection in accordance with Revelation 20:1-3 to accelerate and move forward with a millennium of peace.”

Our Lord made reference to scripture and Revelation 20:1-3, “I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain. He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended. After that, he must be set free for a short time.”  This scripture is connected to St. Michael the Archangel and his work in successfully completing God’s plan for world peace.  In fulfilling this scripture, Our Lady of Fatima’s promise for world peace is accomplished.  

In addition, Jesus indicated the process of consecration: The Holy Father  (Our Pope) with church parishes and clergy are to join in prayer concurrently to consecrate the world to Michael the Archangel’s protection in accordance with Revelation 20:1-3; Hence, fulfilling scripture and the Word of God.  Jesus communicated, “I Will mitigate apocalyptic events, lawlessness, violence, and persecution of the faithful - suddenly it will happen.”  

Jesus than made a direct comparison to Pope John Paul II and his action in consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on March 25, 1984, in St. Peter’s Square, Rome. This was done in accordance with Our Lady of Fatima's request.  Shortly after, the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union/Russia broke up with the fall of communism.  Suddenly it happened!

There’s an additional scripture which also holds true to our current time: "At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time your people - everyone whose name is found in the book - will be delivered." (Daniel 12:1)

This message is of great importance and must not be disregarded!

May the Holy Spirit be a guiding light for the church and God's people.

This locution was shared with Fr. Richard Tartaglia, my parish priest from Saint Mary's Catholic Church, Denville, New Jeresy, USA. 



Our Lady's Message: "Consecrate the World to Saint Michael the Archangel's Protection"

By Loci B. Lenar 

On February 26, 2015, I received a locution/message from Our Blessed Mother regarding the violence being seen and reported by news services throughout the world, especially in the Middle East.

Through prayerful discernment, Our Lady is requesting that the Holy Father, (Pope Francis) - Consecrate the World to Saint Michael the Archangel's Protection. Through prayer and the intercession of Our Lady and St. Michael the Archangel - Our Lord Jesus will mitigate lawlessness and violence in nations.

(Note: This consecration requires not only our Pope, but the participation of clergy and church parishes as well.)

On July 5, 2013, Pope Francis consecrated Vatican City to St. Michael the Archangel's protection and to St. Joseph. Pope Francis said, "In consecrating Vatican City State to St. Michael the Archangel, I ask him to defend us from the evil one and banish him." 

On March 25, 1984, in St. Peter’s Square in Rome, Pope John Paul II consecrated the world and Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in accord with Our Lady of Fatima's request for world peace.

However, through prayerful discernment, I believe consecrating the world to Saint Michael's protection will help to move forward and hasten the era of peace as promised by Our Lady of Fatima.

Furthermore, the "period of peace" is clearly connected to Revelation 20:1-3. Moreover, I believe this is correct and should not be misconstrued.

Scripture says the following regarding God's Reign of Peace: "Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding in his hand the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain. He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, and threw him into the pit, and locked and sealed it over him, so that he would deceive the nations no more, until the thousand years were ended. After that he must be let out for a little while." Revelation 20:1-3

In addition, I believe it's important for all church parishes to begin reciting the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel either before or after mass. Recite the prayer with your families and for our world.  God will answer our prayers with his perfect timing.

For more information regarding this matter, please read my testimony: Miraculous Signs of Archangel Michael

I've shared this locution with Fr. Richard Tartaglia, my parish priest at Saint Mary's Catholic Church, Denville, NJ, USA.


Sister Fatima Nayaki, A.C. Shares Her Testimony of a Miraculous Healing through Venerable Mother Veronica  

Read the testimony of Sister Fatima Nayaki, A.C. of her miraculous cure of Hepatitis C virus through the intercession of Venerable Mother Veronica.

During prayer sister said that she also asked Jesus to pour out His Precious Blood into her HCV infected blood stream and liver and to heal and make her whole.

Sister Fastima Nayaki is a member of the Sri Lanka Province of the Apostolic Carmel Congregation.

Her story is posted on our website: Miraculous Healing of Sister Fatima Nayaki, A.C.  



     100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima's Apparitions

By Loci B. Lenar
On May 13, 2017, thousands attended the Blue Army Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions. The shrine is located in Washington, New Jersey, on the grounds of the World Apostolate of Fatima, USA.
Fr. Andrew Apostoli spoke about the Fatima message and Holy Mass was celebrated by Bishop James F. Checchio from the Diocese of Metuchen.
In 1917, Our Lady of Fatima appeared to 3 shepherd children, Lúcia Santos, Jacinta de Jesus Marto and Francisco Marto in Portugal. Our Lady gave the three children messages known as the Three Secrets of Fatima.
Today on the anniversary of the miraculous apparitions, Pope Francis canonized Jacinta and Francisco Marto in Portugal as new Catholic saints.
(Photograph by Loci B. Lenar) 

Five Lessons from Fatima

Catechist Magazine: Five Lessons from Fatima 

The April/May 2017 issue of Catechist Magazine has a feature story on the Five Lessons of Fatima by Patrice Fagnant-Macarthur.

Patrice says her article provides "tips for guiding children into the heart of the message" of Our Lady of Fatima.  

In addition, a colorful stained glass window - photographed by Loci B. Lenar provides a graphical depiction of Our Lady of Fatima in this article.

Here is an excerpt from the article: 

One of the most fantastic aspects of Our Lady of Fatima’s message is that she entrusted it to children. Here are five lesson ideas to share and discuss with the children you know.

The importance of praying the Rosary for peace.

One of Our Lady of Fatima’s central messages was to pray the Rosary every day for peace. While the particulars of world conflict have changed since 1917, we continue to live in a world full of anger, violence, and war. Children are aware of this. Depending on their ages, they may be more or less aware of the global stage, but they are certainly aware of fighting in their own families, schools, or neighborhoods. They may feel powerless to help or make a difference. 

Praying the Rosary is one thing that they can do to help change lives and hearts, starting with their own. While prayer is not a magic wand and God certainly does not always answer prayer on our timetable or in the way we think best, following the instructions of Mary to pray the Rosary can only help.

Read more: Five Lessons from Fatima 


Francisco and Jacinta to be canonized during Pope Francis' visit to Fatima on May 13, 2017

News excerpt from World Apostolate of Fatima, USA

Pope Francis will canonize Blessed Francisco and Jacinta Marto at Mass during his visit to Fatima May 13, 2017, making them the youngest non-martyrs to ever be declared saints. The decision was made April 20 by a consistory of cardinals.

Pope St. John Paul II beatified Francisco, 11, and Jacinta, 10, on May 13, 2000, 83 years after the first apparition of the Blessed Mother at Fatima in 1917. It was during the May 13 apparition that Our Lady told the children she would take Francisco and Jacinta to heaven soon, but Lucia would remain on earth for “some time longer.”

The beatification of her two cousins was something Sister Lucia had asked for during her first meeting with Pope St. John Paul II on May 13, 1982 at Fatima. The Pope expressed his desire also to see the little shepherds soon beatified. Before the end of their meeting that day, they completed their visit in the Basilica at the tombs of Francisco and Jacinta.

According to Sister Lucia’s biography, “A Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary,” Father Luis Kondor visited her on Feb. 10, 1999 to tell her that a miracle had been approved, opening the door for the beatification of Francisco and Jacinta. 


                        Messages from Our Lady of Medjugorje

Apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje - The Medjugorje Web

Our Lady of Medjugorje: Message of January 2, 2018 to Mirjana Soldo

“Dear children, When love is beginning to disappear on earth, when the way of salvation is not being found, I, the mother, am coming to help you to come to know true faith – living and profound – so as to help you to truly love. As a mother, I am longing for your mutual love, goodness, and purity. My desire is that you be just and that you love each other. My children, be joyful in your soul, be pure, be children. My Son used to say that he loves to be among pure hearts, because pure hearts are always young and joyful. My Son said to you to forgive and to love each other. I know that this is not always easy. Suffering makes you grow in spirit. For you to spiritually grow all the more, you must sincerely and truly forgive and love. Many of my children on earth do not know my Son, they do not love Him; but you who do love my Son, you who carry Him in your heart, pray, pray and in praying feel my Son beside you. May your soul breathe in His spirit. I am among you and am speaking about little and great things. I will not grow tired speaking to you about my Son – the true love. Therefore, my children, open your hearts to me. Permit me to lead you as a mother. Be apostles of the love of my Son and of me. As a mother I implore you not to forget those whom my Son has called to lead you. Carry them in your heart and pray for them. Thank you.”

January 25, 2018 Message to Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti

"Dear children! May this time be for you a time of prayer, so that the Holy Spirit, through prayer, may descend upon you and give you conversion. Open your hearts and read the Sacred Scripture, that through the testimonies you also may be closer to God. Above everything, little children, seek God and the things of God and leave earthly ones to the earth, because Satan is attracting you to the dust and sin. You are called to holiness and created for Heaven; therefore, seek Heaven and the things of Heaven. Thank you for having responded to my call."​


December 25, 2016 Message to Marija Pavlovic

"Dear children! With great joy, today I am carrying my Son Jesus to you, for Him to give you His peace. Open your hearts, little children, and be joyful that you can receive it. Heaven is with you and is fighting for peace in your hearts, in the families and in the world; and you, little children, help with your prayers for it to be so. I bless you with my Son Jesus and call you not to lose hope; and for your gaze and heart to always be directed towards Heaven and eternity. In this way, you will be open to God and to His plans. Thank you for having responded to my call."

December 25, 2016 Message to Jakov Colo

At the last daily apparition to Jakov Colo on September 12th, 1998, Our Lady told him that henceforth he would have one apparition a year, every December 25th, on Christmas Day. This is also how it was this year. The apparition began at 2:20 pm and lasted 10 minutes. 

Afterwards Jakov transmitted this message: "Dear children! Today, on this day of grace, in a special way, I am calling you to pray for peace. Children, I came here as the Queen of Peace and how many times have I called you to pray for peace. But, children, your hearts are restless. Sin is preventing you from opening yourselves completely to grace and peace which God desires to give you. To live peace, my children, is to first have peace in your hearts and to be surrendered completely to God and to His will. Do not seek peace and joy in the things of this world, because this is all passing. Long for true mercy and peace which come only from God; and only in this way will your hearts be filled with true joy; and only in this way will you be able to become witnesses of peace in this peaceless world. I am your mother and intercede before my Son for each of you. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Miracles of Faith: A Visitation from Jesus

January 2, 2017

Sharing his testimony regarding his journey of faith, Loci B. Lenar, the founder of recalls his encounter with Jesus in a powerful dream that led to his conversion.

Mr. Lenar says, "My conversion began around 1990 after I had a profound dream in which an angel appeared to me and stated that I need to prepare for a visitation from Jesus. Shortly afterwards, my prayer life began to increase with subtle changes in my daily routine, not knowing what God had in store for me.

"Then later, I had another vivid and significant dream. In that dream, Jesus called my name and said, 'Loci, you have a choice and decision to make in your life: either take the road on the left that leads to chaos and confusion or follow the path on the right that leads to blessings, grace, and eternal life.' Jesus then said, 'Come follow me for there is much work to accomplish.' " 

Mr. Lenar says, "Little did I know that this heartfelt message and visitation was the beginning of something bigger. My faith as a Christian was still somewhat lukewarm until witnessing the Miracle of the Sun in 1991 which became life-changing. It was one of many steps that led to my conversion and later the construction of in order to help connect with people around the world and share the gospels of God's divine message with miracles of faith." 

(Mr. Lenar shares locutions / messages from Jesus and Our Lady with his spiritual director, Fr. Richard Tartaglia of St. Mary's Catholic Church, Denville, NJ, USA.) 


Our Lady of Las Vegas

By Stephen B. Whatley

Our Lady of Las Vegas, a new (Catholic) tribute drawing in pastel, created with prayers for hope and light for the USA and the world, on December 20, 2016.

I was touched by a children's book that I bought in America last month, entitled Mary and The 50 States; which includes reference to the Church of the Guardian Angels on the Strip in Las Vegas; where an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary shines out from a stained glass window...has anyone seen it?

I have tried researching.

I liked the idea of bright spiritual light amongst the city of neon lights and shallow deals; not forgetting that Las Vegas is also a beautiful sunny desert region.

May all who view this image of the Holy Mother and Child receive gifts of light, hope and healing, wherever needed.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


Commentary by Loci B. Lenar

Stephen B. Whatley is recognized internationally for his Catholic and Christian tributes and is a resident of England (UK). However, his paintings and prints are collected all over the world including the USA. I wish to thank Mr. Whatley for sharing his beautiful artwork on our blog and website.


Lent and Holy Week


Loci B. Lenar shares his journey of faith on public radio

December 25, 2015

Loci B. Lenar, the founder of was interviewed on Sunday, December 20, 2015 on the Catholic radio show, "Cause of Our Joy," hosted by Joe Ott on WACE 730 AM, Chicopee, MA. The radio program focused on locutions/messages that Mr. Lenar received from Jesus and Our Lady regarding Revelation 20:1-3 and God's thousand year reign of peace, including his healing of a heart condition (A-Fib) from the Anointing of the Sick, a sacrament of the Catholic Church, as well as other interesting news worthy facts.  If you were unable to hear the radio program in your area, stay informed and listen to a recording of Mr. Lenar's inspiring testimony right here on




Loci B. Lenar Shares His Testimony Regarding Signs of Archangel Michael at St. Mary's Prayer Service

Loci B. Lenar spoke publicly at St. Mary's prayer service on September 20, 2012, regarding a remarkable photograph that he took of a statue of Archangel Michael in the Church of St. Michael, located in Netcong, New Jersey.

The prayer service at St. Mary's focused on Michaelmas (Feast of St. Michael and the Archangels). The Catholic church is located on Myers Avenue in Denville, NJ.

Mr. Lenar said, "In order to capture the rainbow that appeared around the statue and display window, I photographed the image without using a flash even though indoor lighting was dim (left photo with darker exposure). There is a distinct shadow appearing around the arms of the statue from the rainbow as well. However, the photograph on the right is taken with the flash on (lighter exposure). With added light the colorful rainbow is diffused. (There is still a visible rainbow around the statue, but it's diffused from the camera flash). Furthermore, after the photographs were taken, I shared the images directly as captured on the camera's digital memory card (before downloading photos into my computer) with my spiritual advisor, Fr. Richard Tartaglia of Saint Mary's Church, Denville, NJ. The original digital images were transferred onto a CD for church archives."

Mr. Lenar also said, "God is both the director and divine light - He sets the timing and place for us to act in response to His instructions. In the motion picture industry, the film director says, 'lights, camera, action.' Therefore, when called by God, we need to respond to His commands. With that in mind, there is significance to the photograph of St. Michael the Archangel and its meaning in the global community. One cannot avoid noticing while watching television programs the ongoing stories of acts of violence reported on network news shows. From the tragic shootings in July of 2012 at Aurora, Colorado, during the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises to the violence in the Middle East - the question must be raised: Is our world losing control?”

Mr. Lenar said the following scripture appears to answer the question: "At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time your people - everyone whose name is found in the book - will be delivered." (Daniel 12:1)

“St. Michael the Archangel is the protector of God’s people and church,”
said Mr. Lenar.
With prayerful discernment, Mr. Lenar believes and said, "Our Lord Jesus is calling for all to join together and 'pray for divine protection' in order to mitigate (end) violence throughout the world. It’s now more important than ever before, to pray for our nation and families, especially for people who are subjected to adversity and disrespectful behavior on a daily bases. Our world is in dire need of healing and peace - with prayer everything is possible.”


Fr. Richard Tartaglia and Mr. Lenar Share Testimony on Radio Maria Regarding Cross of Light in New Jersey


 (Photo: Fr. Richard Tartaglia)

Reaching out with evangelization, Fr. Richard Tartaglia and Loci B. Lenar have been interviewed several times on the Catholic radio show Sacred Treasures, hosted by Kathie Duggan.

If you missed hearing Fr. Richard and Mr. Lenar on Radio Maria with their discussion regarding signs and wonders, we are happy to report that you can listen to the May 7, 2012 broadcast right here on our website!  Fr. Richard validates Mr. Lenar's testimony about a Cross of Light appearing on his residence during Lent and Holy Week in Mine Hill, NJ. Fr. Richard also photographed the Cross of Light on Good Friday and confirms Mr. Lenar's story. A copy of the recording is available for your listening pleasure.

The first half of the show begins with Margarita Rodriguez, who was healed during a Rosary that she was leading when a seer, Ivan Dragicevic of Medjugorje, came to St. Brendan Catholic Church in Miami, Florida. Press Release: Fr. Richard and Mr. Lenar Speak on Radio Maria about Cross of Light Appearing in New Jersey



During Prayer Service Homily, Fr. Richard confirms Cross of Light on Mr. Lenar's Residence in Mine Hill, New Jersey



By Loci B. Lenar

Since 2005 a cross with an outline of a shield has appeared annually on my property in Mine Hill, New Jersey. 

Similar phenomena with cross of lights have appeared elsewhere and are noted in the video. 

I contacted my parish priest, Fr. Richard Tartaglia on Holy Thursday, April 5, 2012, regarding the cross appearing on the backyard fence.

In order to provide an assessment of the matter, my parish priest came to my residence and examined the cross of light and photographed the image on Good Friday, April 6, 2012. 

I left for work at 7:00 AM, so I didn't see or speak to Fr. Richard until Tuesday, April 17. I gave him a large quantity of prayer requests for Thursday's prayer service held at St. Mary's Catholic Church on April 19. Fr. Richard indicated to me that he validated the Cross of Light as a visible sign.

During the Thursday prayer service held on April 19, Fr. Richard discussed these signs as related to scripture in his Homily at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Myers Avenue, Denville, New Jersey, USA.

This image first appeared while my family was encountering some adversity in 2005. I must emphasize that with the power of prayer the issues were resolved by Our Lord Jesus.

Through prayerful discernment, the image of the cross is a reminder from Our Lord Jesus of his spiritual presence in my family. The image appeared while praying for God's assistance as well as for help from St. Michael the Archangel. This sign is also meant to encourage others to return to their faith and to pray for God's help and mercy during times of need.

To read more information on the matter, please visit the following links: Signs of Angels and A Miracle Cross

Please do share this video and news with others!

Press Release:


Catholic Radio Seeks to Promote Station and Year of Mercy with New Billboards

The Anchor - Serving the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts.

First published on February 17, 2016 by The Anchor.

By Kenneth J. Souza - Anchor Staff

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. — As a Franciscan, Friar John Mary, F.I., has witnessed signs of faith throughout his life.

Now he’s hoping others will notice one of the signs that recently went up in the Greater New Bedford area promoting WPMW Radio CorMariae and its mission to spread the Good News.

The “micro FM” Catholic radio station that broadcasts at 88.5 on the dial and originates from studios above Our Lady’s Chapel in downtown New Bedford recently contracted with Boston-based Clear Channel Entertainment to advertise its mission via large billboards in three key locations.

“The station has been doing OK financially, and we found we could afford to do another campaign, which is always good because we’re always trying to look for ways to increase our listenership,” Friar John recently told The Anchor. “I think this is one of the most effective ways, other than a bumper sticker campaign.”

The billboards prominently feature a beautiful stained-glass image of Our Lady next to a Scripture passage — “Mercy and Truth have met” (Ps 85:10) — and are located near the intersection of Cove Road and Rockdale Avenue in New Bedford; near St. Mary’s Cemetery on Route 6 across from Shaw’s Supermarket on the New Bedford-Dartmouth line; and on Route 6 (State Road) in Dartmouth, about halfway between Reed and Cross roads.

“The first two went up in mid-January and the third is (going up this week),” Friar John said. “I’m happy with the locations. The one (at Cove Road and Rockdale Avenue) is very conspicuous, near a pretty busy intersection. You can see it as you slow down for the stoplight — it’s very viewable.”

Friar John explained how the billboard on Route 6 in Dartmouth, which can be spotted driving from Westport heading towards New Bedford, was actually a replacement for one that had originally been planned for Coggeshall Street in New Bedford.

“There’s been ongoing construction there,” he said. “It did get put up, but when I went to see it, there was (construction) equipment parked in front of it — it wasn’t a good location. I talked to Clear Channel and told them about it and they found out from the construction crew that the area isn’t going to be cleaned up anytime soon, so they very graciously did the right thing and moved us to the Dartmouth location.”

Friar John said he likes the relocated site better.

“The station is heard pretty well between New Bedford and Westport, and that’s where our signal originates,” he said. “Those coming from Westport heading to the (Dartmouth) Mall will see it.”

Unbeknownst to Friar John, there is also a notorious strip club not far from where the new billboard is located.

“One of our volunteers said that was a good location because the area needs it,” he said. “So I guess they need the prayers and they need to see Our Lady up there.”

The story behind the eye-catching image of the Blessed Mother that dominates the new billboards is perhaps proof positive of Divine intervention in the radio station’s latest advertising campaign.

Friar John first noticed the depiction of Our Lady on the Facebook page of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary — a group that did a recent recording session at Radio CorMariae.

“I contacted them to see if they had a high-resolution image of it and they said they found it on the Internet and they didn’t know much more about it,” he said. “They didn’t have the source to give me.”

Thankfully, a graphic design artist named Mary Flannery who does work for the Franciscan Friars was able to do a little digital digging online and discovered that the image, entitled “Immaculate Heart of Mary,” was a photograph taken by Loci B. Lenar and was prominently featured on his Flickr page, blog and website ( She contacted him and he graciously gave WPMW permission to use it in the billboard campaign.

Ironically enough, Lenar has also been featured several times on the syndicated radio program “Sacred Treasures,” which currently airs on WPMW Radio CorMariae.

“He has all these websites and blogs about miracles and conversion stories,” Friar John said. “The thing that got me is this image could have been from anywhere in the world, but the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart found it, used it, which got me to see it, and then it all led back to someone with a connection to our radio station. I really believe it was Divine providence that it’s now being used on our billboard.”

Since we are in the midst of the Year of Mercy as proclaimed by Pope Francis, Friar John said he also wanted to connect that with what the radio station was doing.

“In our last (advertising) campaign, we used the phrase: ‘Behold your mother,’” he said. “I know Our Lady can work with her own image — she doesn’t need words — but I just didn’t want us to have a blank billboard on one side, so I was looking for a good Scripture quote.”

Friar John did a quick Bible search for quotes relating to mercy and came across the line “Mercy and Truth have met” from the Book of Psalms.

For him, it was the perfect quote to include alongside the woman praised in “Hail Holy Queen” as the “Mother of Mercy.”

“I believe that in Pope Francis calling for the Year of Mercy to start on December 8, the feast of the Immaculate Conception, he had Our Lady in mind,” Friar John said. “Of course, we always talk about mercy, but we have to accompany it with truth — the truth being our faith, the Church, the Sacraments, and Our Lord Himself.

“So we have a merciful, motherly figure in Our Lady and then the Church being the truth — so God knew what He was doing when He put the two together. They go hand-in-hand.”

Friar John said the plan is to keep the billboards up at least throughout the month, but hopefully with additional funding they might be able to extend the campaign even further.

“We want to have the billboards up as long as possible while the funds are coming in,” he said. “On our website we have a page specifically for making donations to support the billboard campaign. People can either use a credit/debit card on the website, or send us a check.”

Since Radio CorMariae doesn’t subscribe to the costly Arbitron ratings system to gauge how many listeners they have, Friar John said it’s important to get feedback via advertising campaigns like this and through word-of-mouth.

“For a station like ours we wouldn’t be involved in the techniques they use and we wouldn’t be able to pay for those services,” he said. “They say if you receive one call during a show, that means there are probably another 99 listeners out there. It’s always pleasant to hear when someone does give you feedback, because then you know someone is getting something out of it. This is why we meet on a regular basis with our volunteers to help publicize the station.”

For more information about the campaign or to make a donation online, visit

(Reprinted with Permission)


Rainbows of light appear around statues of Jesus at World Apostolate of Fatima, USA

September 19, 2015 - World Apostolate of Fatima, USA

Loci B. Lenar attended 12:00 Mass on Saturday, September 19, 2015 at the Blue Army Shrine and photographed the Stations of the Cross next to the Holy House Chapel with his iphone 6. In two separate areas, Mr. Lenar's photos show sunlight creating similar colorful rays of light around the statues of Jesus.

Our Lady's Blue Army Shrine is located on 674 Mountain View Road East, Washington, NJ, USA.

World Apostolate of Fatima, USAOur Lady's Blue Army Shrine is located on 674 Mountain View Road East, Washington, NJ,...

Posted by "" on Saturday, September 19, 2015



The Seeker of Spiritual Phenomena


Reprinted with permission from The Standard-Times and

First published on December 29, 2012 - The Standard-Times - New Bedford, MA

(Miracle of the Sun - Photo by Loci B. Lenar)



In John 4:48, Jesus said, "Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will never believe."

Miracles are happening all around us, according to Loci Lenar, whose mission is to report the news of Christian signs and wonders on his blog and website — "Angels, Wonders and Miracles of Faith" ( and "Signs, Wonders and Miracles" ( — which have recorded over a million page views.

Searching daily on the Internet, Lenar has published excerpts and links of Standard-Times' religion stories, including the conversion experiences attributed to Eucharistic Adoration at St. Francis Xavier Church in Acushnet, and the interview with Baptist minister and New York Times bestselling author, the Rev. Don Piper, who wrote about spending "90 Minutes in Heaven."

Lenar also documents his own spiritual encounters, following instructions from his spiritual advisor, the Rev. Richard Tartaglia of St. Mary's Church in Denville, N.J.

Sharing his own experiences, he has been interviewed several times for the program "Sacred Treasures" on the international Catholic station Radio Maria, which is broadcast locally by the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate of Our Lady's Chapel in New Bedford at 88.5 FM (WPMW).

Ironically, Lenar grew up in a family of lapsed Catholics. His parents left Hungary in 1956 because of the revolution uprising against the government and its Soviet-imposed policies. They settled in Brussels, Belgium, where Lenar was born in 1957. Shortly after, the family immigrated to America. He became a U.S. citizen with his parents in1967.

"They weren't really practicing Catholics," he said. "We went to church on holidays."

A resident of Mine Hill, N.J., Lenar married in 1977; and the couple has a son and daughter.

"My kids were going to Catholic school, and my wife would take them to Sunday Mass," he said. "But I wouldn't go."

Then Lenar underwent a conversion experience.

"When I was about 30, I had a very profound dream," he said. "An angel came to me in my sleep and said that Our Lord Jesus wanted to speak to me. I started going to church."

Six months later, he had a second dream.

"I came face to face with Jesus," he said, who told him: "Come follow me for I have much work to accomplish."

At that time Lenar was suffering from cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heart beat) and severe headaches.

He started to pray for a healing.

"I was guided to St. Mary's in Denville, N.J., which wasn't my parish at the time; and I received the Anointing of the Sick," he said. "I started to feel better."

Then through prayer, he said he felt guided to receive the Anointing of the Sick again.

"I will never forget that day," he said. "I heard Jesus say, 'You are healed.' The symptoms disappeared, and I stopped taking medications. I haven't had any problems with the heart and the headaches for 20 years."

Lenar said that he believes God called him to guide people back to the teachings of the gospels, the church and the sacraments.

"It is important for people to recognize that God is real," he said. "When medicine can't help and even before, it is important to turn to God for healing and bl
essings. It's my testimony."

In addition to his gift as a spiritual locutionist, Lenar personally observes spiritual phenomena that he captures on film.

"There are lots of things I have documented," he said. "A cross of light has been appearing on my property since 2005."

Tartaglia visited Lenar's home last April on Good Friday and saw the cross. The priest photographed the image and spoke about it in his homily, calling it a sign.

(Cross of Light - Photo by Loci B. Lenar)

As part of his daily routine, Lenar visits churches to photograph stained glass windows and statues to use on his website and blog. During a visit to the Blessed Sacrament Chapel at the National Blue Army Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Washington, N.J. in 2008, Lenar photographed rays of sunlight through a stained glass window, which appear to be flowing towards the ceiling. (See photo on top of article)

"I cannot explain the phenomena," said Lenar. "Remarkably, the stained glass window is a representation of the Miracle of the Sun which was witnessed by 70,000 people on Oct. 13, 1917 at Fatima, Portugal."

In 2009, he stopped to pray at The Church of St. Michael in Netcong, N.J. and photographed a statue of St. Michael the Archangel.

"Without the flash, you see the striking rainbow beyond the statue and around the arms," he said. "I gave the small memory card to Father Richard."

Catholics invoke St. Michael the Archangel in prayer for physical protection.

(Signs of Archangel Michael - Photo by Loci B. Lenar)

Lenar said that Jesus is calling people to pray for divine protection, not just for their families but for the world.

"We are living in difficult times, but through prayer we could change things," he said. "Through prayer violence could be mitigated."

Lenar added that Christmas time is all about signs and wonders, as Christians celebrate the miracle of Christ's birth.

"The prophecy is fulfilled," he said. "It is good to know that God's presence is still here. It didn't end 2,000 years ago. It still continues to our time."


Additional Note: Linda Andrade Rodrigues conducted the interview with Loci B. Lenar on November 29, 2012. There are two extra photographs added to the original Standard-Times' story. The two images are the Cross of Light and Signs of Archangel Michael. Although the photographs are not in the article, both are mentioned in the original story.

Furthermore, all photographs by Loci B. Lenar were shared with his his spiritual advisor, Fr. Richard Tartaglia exactly as captured on the camera's memory card. All images were transferred to a CD for church archives.

Regarding the story, Brenda Coston writes, "Thank you, Loci Lenar, that was a beautiful article that can spread out among the world - what a testimony that is!"



   Miracles abound in the life of Sister Mila

By Linda Andrade Rodrigues, Anchor Correspondent, Fall River, Massachusetts

ATTLEBORO, Mass. — In the wake of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, the world watched the apostolic visit of Pope Francis, including Mother Superior at the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette.

Sister Maria Milagros Dela Cruz, SNDS, was born and raised in Ramon, Isabela, in the far north of the Philippines.

A visit by the pope is a great blessing to the Filipino people, according to the vibrant, animated nun, affectionately known as Sister Mila, 65.

“I watched the Mass in Manila, and it was raining,” she said. “We Filipinos don’t get discouraged when it rains. The old people would say it is a blessing from God.”

Sister Mila came from a very large family of 17 children, including eight girls and nine boys. Her parents would also adopt another son.

“I was number 10 and a blue baby,” she said. “The doctor told my aunt that they did their best, but the baby was dead. The doctor left, and then my aunt said I started crying. My aunt reported to the doctor that the baby came alive.”

Consequently, the doctor baptized the preemie Maria Milagros (Miracles).

Her siblings walked to school, which was two miles away; but Sister Mila was too weak to walk a long distance.

“My father would come with us, and he put me on his shoulders,” she said.

He also gave her a small dog so that she would never be alone. She named him Pepsi.

“I had him for 16 years,” she said.

Learning to write her long name in first grade was a trial. Her classmates’ names were short, and they would tease her, “Mary Miracles!”

“I would come home crying,” she said.

Many years later when she went to college, she was asked to translate her name into English.

“Your name is very beautiful,” said the professor. “Your name is ‘Miracles of the Cross.’”

“That teacher was very stern, but I loved him,” she said. “He was the only one who was able to tell me the meaning of my name.”

Growing up in a very poor family on a small tract of farmland, Sister Mila remembers the long years of drought.

“The La Salette Fathers came to my area and did a Novena at the farm,” she said. “They carried the cross and sang songs in Latin. We saw cracks in the soil, and you know in those cracks we found edible frogs. We could not plant rice, but God gave us frogs. We brought them to the market and sold them.”

One of the La Salette priests, Father Conrad Blanchet, gave the family a gas-powered well pump so that they could plant rice and irrigate the land. They also watered a neighbor’s field.

“We were very poor, but my mother and father always shared,” she said. “Lots of people who needed food came to our house for help, but we always had something to eat. It is a mystery.”

Sister Mila attended La Salette High School in Santiago, and that’s where she first saw a statue of Our Lady of La Salette. She learned about the weeping mother and received her calling.

“I told them I wanted to become a Sister of La Salette, even though we had none in our area,” she said.

Her formation was done in Manila at their regional house. In her fourth year, she received her veil. Through the years she served the apostolate in schools as Religious Education coordinator, guidance counselor, registrar and principal.

Three of her siblings also had vocations; two joined the La Salette missionaries and a third is a Maryknoll.

In October 2007, Sister Mila was assigned to the U.S. mission in Miami, where she served as school principal.

“The American culture was itself a challenge,” she said. “I was unprepared to deal with all the technical demands of my job, including using computers. Amazingly, I learned quickly how to do many things, and I was even able to teach others to do the same.”

Now serving at the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette in Attleboro, Sister Mila works in the shrine church as Liturgical coordinator of their 80 volunteers — acolytes, lectors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, altar servers and sacristans — and assists the priests.

Living in Cumberland, R.I., about 30 minutes from the shrine, the nuns leave their house early each morning to take part in Community Prayer and Mass at the Attleboro monastery. Two nuns, one from Madagascar and the other from Connecticut, work in the gift shop. Sister Mila’s day revolves around the 12:10 and 6:30 p.m. Masses. When the nuns return to their convent at the end of the day, they go directly to the chapel to pray.

Pilgrims from all over the world worship at the shrine church, where Sister Mila offers a special ministry. She set up a box for prayer petitions and also answers prayer requests online every day.

She recalls the first time she was approached by someone in need of prayers. “Sister, I want to talk to you,” said a young mother with three small children.

“We have priests,” Sister Mila replied. “I can get you a priest.”

“No, no, Sister,” the woman said. “I want to talk to you.”

“I just came from the doctor’s office, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” said the woman. “I have a short time to live.”

“Don’t worry,” said Sister Mila. “I will pray.”

A year later, the priest in charge of vocations came looking for Sister Mila.

“Do you remember a lady with three children who talked to you last year?” he asked. “She wanted me to tell you that her breast cancer is gone.”

“And she’s not the only one,” said Sister Mila beaming. “You cannot believe how many prayers have been answered.”

Still a farm girl at heart, Sister Mila also tends the many beautiful live flowers that thrive at the shrine even in winter.

“We need a beautiful place for people to come and experience the nearness of God,” she said.

This article and photograph was first published by The Anchor on January 30, 2015, and is reprinted with permission of Linda Andrade Rodrigues, Anchor Correspondent.

The Anchor is the Official Catholic Weekly Newspaper of the Fall River Diocese, Massachusetts.



Pray for Christian Unity and Healing of Divisions


By Loci B. Lenar

(June 19, 2012) - Through prayerful discernment, Our Lord Jesus is calling everyone to pray for Christian unity and healing between religious denominations by reconciling differences. This goal will be accomplished with the power of prayer and through the Holy Spirit.

                                                                                      (Prince of Peace - Photo by Loci B. Lenar)

"Thus the word of the Lord came to me: Son of man, listen to the house of Israel saying, 'The vision he sees is a long way off; he prophesies of the distant future!' Say to them therefore: Thus says the Lord God; None of my words shall be delayed any longer; whatever I speak is final, and it shall be done, says the Lord God."  Ezekiel 12:26-28

If you're visiting for the first time, additional news regarding this matter was posted on this site several years ago.  Scroll down this page to read more on the topic.



Angel in Sky: South Florida Sees a Message from Above

(Photo and news excerpt from

By: Laura Santos

March 13, 2013 - WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.

A message from above?

That’s what several South Florida residents thought after looking toward the sky on the day a new pope was named.

Most saw an angel in the clouds and grabbed their cameras to document the vision.

For some, it was a clear sign from heaven, maybe a message from God himself, showing his pleasure at the election of the first Latin American as the 267th successor of St. Peter.

Thom George wondered “if Pope Francis ordered that.”

“The Pope asked to pray for Him. .. God answered,” was Cat Sunn’s reaction.

Read more: Angel in Sky Photos



Our Lady's Monthly Message to Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo

Our Lady of Medjugorje: Message of October 2, 2012


Cross of Light Appears in Mine Hill, New Jersey - Photo by Loci B. Lenar

"Dear children; I am calling you and am coming among you because I need you. I need apostles with a pure heart. I am praying, and you should also pray, that the Holy Spirit may enable and lead you, that He may illuminate you and fill you with love and humility. Pray that He may fill you with grace and mercy. Only then will you understand me, my children. Only then will you understand my pain because of those who have not come to know the love of God. Then you will be able to help me.You will be my light-bearers of God's love. You will illuminate the way for those who have been given eyes but do not want to see. I desire for all of my children to see my Son.  I desire for all of my children to experience His Kingdom. Again I call you and implore you to pray for those whom my Son has called. Thank you."


Cross of Light Appears on Holy Thursday


By Loci B. Lenar

(April 5, 2012) - On the morning of Holy Thursday, I photographed a Cross of Light which appears annually on my property and backyard fence.

Rays of sunlight is creating an image of a cross that is surrounded by a shield.

For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless. Psalm 84:11

This phenomena first began in 2005 at my residence in Mine Hill, NJ, USA.  It usually happens during Lent and sometimes on other occasions.  I believe it's a sign from Our Lord to share with others in order to help lead people back to God and the gospels.

Scripture tells us that the day before Jesus was crucified he shared his Last Supper with his disciples on a Thursday, celebrating Passover. Holy Week is an important time to reflect and renew our spiritual life through the gospels of Jesus Christ and the Eucharist (Communion). Easter and the resurrection is a testament to God's love because we share in the redemptive power of the cross through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  John 8:12

It's interested to note that the cross first appeared in 2012 on St. Patrick’s Day which by the way is celebrated on March 17th. These photos are from Holy Thursday.

On Wednesday, April 4th, I went to St. Mary's Rectory and sat down with my parish priest, Fr. Richard and shared photographs from St. Patrick’s Day and discussed spiritual matters as well.  St. Mary's Catholic Church is located on Myers Avenue, Denville, New Jersey.

Further details regarding the Cross of Light and my testimony can be read on this website by visiting the following link:  Cross Appears during Lent and Holy Week as Sign of God’s Love.



"Fatima Today" Weekly on Radio Maria

World Apostolate of Fatima, USA

The Message of Fatima – “Fatima Today” - Broadcasted live on Radio Maria every Thursday at 2:00 pm ET, 1:00 pm CT, 12:00 MT and 11:00 PT.

The program takes its name from “Fatima For Today, The Urgent Marian Message of Hope” written by Father Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R., and published by Ignatius Press in 2010, and will, like Father’s book, present an understanding of Our Lady’s message as it pertains to the world today which is in full communion with that of Holy Mother Church.

The program is hosted by Deacon Bob Ellis, National Coordinator of The World Apostolate of Fatima, USA – A Public International Association of the Faithful under the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

Father Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R. will be Deacon Bob’s guest on the program’s premier.

The program can be heard live throughout the country or anywhere in the world on the internet at Radio Maria by simply clicking on the “Listen Now” button.

It can also be heard live on the following radio stations:

Alexandria – 580 AM
New Iberia – 1360 AM
Natchitoches – 89.7 FM
Lake Charles – 91.1 FM

D’lberville – 88.1 FM

New York
Albany – 89.9 FM
New York (Affiliate) – 620 AM

Springfield – 1600 AM / Anna – 88.7 FM

Hollidaysburg – 88.1 FM

Port Arthur – 1250 AM

Peshtigo – 91.3 FM

“We would be mistaken to think that Fatima’s prophetic mission is complete.”
- Pope Benedict XVI

“The Message of Fatima is more important today than ever.” - Blessed John Paul II

“Learn the Message of Fatima. Live the Message of Fatima. Spread the Message of Fatima.” - Pope Benedict XVI



Miracle of the Sun

News of Interest

Remarkably, this stained glass window which can be seen inside the Blessed Sacrament Chapel is a representation of the Miracle of the Sun that was witnessed by 70,000 people on October 13, 1917 at Fatima, Portugal.

The Catholic chapel is located on the grounds of the National Blue Army Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in (Asbury) Washington, New Jersey.

Click on the image for a larger view

This photograph was taken on July 11, 2008 by Loci B. Lenar.  The camera's memory card captured rays of light from the stained glass window exactly as seen here in the photo. Fr. Paul Ruge has a CD copy of the image for Blue Army Shrine records.

Mr. Lenar also shared the image exactly as captured on the camera's digital memory card with his spiritual advisor, Fr. Richard Tartaglia of St. Mary's Church, Denville, NJ, before downloading it into his computer.  For more information about the photo, please visit the following link: Rays of God's Light. 

The following scripture comes to mind and best describes the meaning of the photograph: "Praise God in his Holy sanctuary; give praise in the mighty dome of heaven. Give praise for his mighty deeds, praise him for his great majesty."      (Psalm 150:1-2)



Rosary Miracle at Hiroshima


Fr. Paul Ruge of the National Blue Army Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima had interviewed Fr. Hubert Schiffer, who miraculously survived the atomic explosion on August 6, 1945 on Hiroshima, Japan. To read the story and to view a documentary trailer, please visit the following link on our site: Rosary Miracle at Hiroshima.

The catholic shrine is part of The World Apostolate of Fatima, USA, and is located in Warren County at 674 Mountain View Road, (Asbury) Washington, New Jersey.

(Photograph on right of Fr. Paul Ruge)

The shrine holds daily Mass at 12:00 Noon in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.  For upcoming events, please call the shrine at (908) 689-1700.                                                            


World Apostolate of Fatima Says 'Miracle Performed by God through the intercession of Sister Lucia'

(May 1, 2012) - The following news report is supplied by the World Apostolate of Fatima, USA.

The Blue Army Shrine is part of the World Apostolate of Fatima and is located on 674 Mountain View Road East in Asbury, New Jersey.

Miracle Will be Investigated by Church Authorities

by Prof. Americo Pablo López-Ortiz
International President of the World Apostolate of Fatima

Sister Lucia, the third of the Little Shepherds of Fatima, who lived until the 13th of February of 2005 as a Carmelite Nun in Coimbra, Portugal, and who wrote the famous MEMOIRS containing the Message of Fatima brought by Our Blessed Mother to the world, may have performed a sensational cure of a child four years old at the moment of the miracle at Salta, Argentina.

Rosario André was hospitalized for ten days with hemolytic-uremic syndrome, having a very serious infection with hemolytic-uremic syndrome, having a very serious infection that needed desperately antibiotics but at the same time could not receive them due to renal failure caused by her rare sickness, that affects blood, the central nervous system and the kidneys. She was close to death when her mother, Alexandra Maria took the book by Sister Lucia, MEMOIRS, and placed it in her child's breast, and embracing her, both prayed to Sister Lucia to cure little Rosario.

Immediately, the symptoms of fever, diarrhea and vomiting disappeared. Next day, the lab exams showed no infection as the bacteria was killed without antibiotics. The miraculous cure happened on the same day of Sister Lucia's death! Rosario was healthy again! And she has remained healthy afterwards. Medical evidence was forwarded to Church authorities.




Miraculous "Hawaiian” Myrrh-streaming Iveron Icon

The photograph and following news excerpt is from the website of the Holy Theotokos of Iveron Russian Orthodox Church

In June of 2008, the “Hawaiian” Myrrh-streaming Iveron Icon was officially recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia as miraculous and worthy of veneration, and was given the blessing to travel to the various churches and monasteries of Holy Orthodoxy. The original “owner” of the Icon, Reader Nectarios, was charged by the Russian Orthodox Church to be Her guardian, and provide for the safety and care of this Wonder Working Icon of Christ’s Holy Church.

Numerous miracles have been attributed to the Theotokos through this “humble little Icon”, accounts are only just being collected, and are indeed numerous. Physical and spiritual healings have included the healing of blindness and eye disease, cancer, demonic possession, paralysis, kidney disease, chronic pain, and debilitating viruses.
Yet, wherever the holy Icon goes, the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother abound. People have commented that just being in the presence of this Icon, you feel such an abundance of love and joy. It is truly indescribable. We are so very blessed that God has shown His love toward us by allowing us a small forebearance of what the saints call, "the true odour of sanctity." The true meaning of the Icon's appearance is known only to God, time will reveal all things. Yet, what we do know is this, God loves us. And that is all that matters.
  Read More: Holy Iveron Icon



     A Reflection of God's Light

By Loci B. Lenar

My spiritual journey of faith includes glorifying God through prayer and photography. Our Lord guides me to sacred places where the Holy Spirit inspires me to help others connect with God's grace and blessing.

While traveling through the town of Madison, I had an opportunity to visit St. Vincent Martyr Catholic Church.

My normal routine when I stop at any church is to go inside and say some prayers. I usually have my camera on hand and snap some photographs of statues and stained glass windows.

If you're ever in Morris County, by all means do visit this beautiful church, you will be pleased by its divine interior. St. Vincent is located on 26 Green Village Road, Madison, New Jersey, USA.

There is a beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary and infant Jesus inside the church behind the alter.

After taking some photographs, I noticed something very interesting when examining the images, there is three distinct shadows reflecting on the wall from interior lights instead of just two.

On the right side of the photo there is two shadows from the statue, one of the Virgin Mary and infant Jesus. However, on the left side there is also a reflection of a third image. The shadow on the left appears different. Is the silhouette on the wall a likeness of the statue or perhaps an image of St. Joseph?  What is your opinion? 

Please take a moment and share your thoughts by writing to us:

The following responses regarding the photo are published on our Facebook page:

Diana Perez says, it's "An image of St. Joseph."

Jeanie McCarthy Pityinger says, "An image of St. Joseph, the way the shadow appears does not look like the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary or Infant Jesus, it's shaped different, postured different."

In any event, I believe this photo can be construed as a subtle sign from God.

Our Lord is calling us to pray for our families. Our Lord is calling everyone to live in harmony as a Holy Family with peace and unity here on earth.

Our goal in our spiritual journey of faith is to be part of God's Kingdom with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

Pray daily for Our Lord's blessing and assistance. Please use daily Devotional Prayers which can be found on our site.

Read More: Jesus, Light of the World


A New Springtime of Christian Unity has Arrived in the Church


The following excerpt is from Catholic Online

WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) - April 27, 2011 - Around 900 Anglicans, including 61 clergy, from England and Wales became Catholics this Easter in response to the invitation from Pope Benedict through what is commonly being called the Anglican Ordinariate.

It is a sign of things to come and the flowering of unity that has long been desired by many on both sides of the Anglican-Catholic chasm. Soon we will also receive word of a second wave - the Anglican Ordinariate in North America.

Read more: Anglican Converts send Easter Message



Cross Appears in 2011 during Lent and Holy Week as a Sign of God's Love

By Loci B. Lenar

As a Christian and practicing Catholic, God has called me to share my spiritual journey with others by being a witness to my faith through signs and wonders which are arising from Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  My hope is to encourage people to believe in the word of God as written in the gospels.
Press release posted March 31, 2011 on

Signs and Wonders: Incorruptible Catholic Saints

The interesting video of incorrupt saints is a testament to God's signs and wonders working through the Catholic Church.  Through the intercession of saints, many people have witnessed God's miracles.     

The following information regarding incorrupt bodies of saints can be found on

The Council of Trent

"The bodies of holy martyrs and others now living with Christ, bodies which were His members and temples of the Holy Spirit, which one day are to be raised up by Him and made glorious in everlasting life, are to be venerated by the faithful; God gives men many benefits through them."

The Bodies of the saints for us are like great and holy relics, which move us to honor the saints who God has chosen to honor by preserving them incorrupt.

In scripture we read that the use of the bones of Elisha brought a dead man to life: "So Elisha died, and they buried him. Now bands of Moabites used to invade the land in the spring of the year. And as a man was being buried, lo, a marauding band was seen and the man was cast into the grave of Elisha; and as soon as the man touched the bones of Elisha, he revived, and stood on his feet." (2 Kgs. 13:20-21).

A woman was cured of a hemorrhage by touching the hem of Christ's cloak (Matt. 9:20-22). The sick were healed when Peter's shadow passed over them (Acts 5:15-16). "And God did extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul, so that handkerchiefs or aprons were carried away from his body to the sick, and diseases left them and the evil spirits came out of them" (Acts 19:11-12).

The Power of the relics to work miracles doesn't come from the object itself but from God, who confirms the faith of the person who is healed by means of them as to testify to the holiness of His saints.


Parishioners of St. Mary's Church discuss Miracles of Faith on Radio Maria


If you missed the show on January 24th, a Podcast of the radio broadcast is posted here for your listening pleasure! 

Radio Maria invited Loci B. Lenar, Donna Ott, and Father Richard Tartaglia of Saint Mary's Parish to share testimony about their Catholic and Christian faith. 

St. Mary's Church is located on the corner of Myers Avenue and Route 46 in Denville, New Jersey.

On January 24, 2011, all three guests discussed God's spiritual blessings on the radio program, Sacred Treasures.  The Catholic radio show is hosted by Kathie Duggan and can be heard live ever Monday between the hours of 3:00 - 4:00 PM (EST). Visitors can listen to the radio show through internet streaming by going to the following link:

Loci Lenar's interview included his testimony about witnessing the Miracle of the Sun as well as the spiritual locutions he receives from Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Mr. Lenar gave his perspective on God's plan for building a bridge for Christian unity.  He also discussed the bright cross which appears on his property in Mine Hill, NJ. Mr. Lenar spoke about the return of the Icon of Kazan to Russia by Pope John Paul II. He gave details about being healed of several medical conditions from receiving the sacrament of the anointing of the sick.  He concluded by discussing the prayer services held at St. Mary's Church.

Donna Ott is the administrative assistant at St. Mary's Church and spoke about her faith and being healed of arthritis in her fingers.

Father Richard Tartaglia is Loci Lenar's spiritual advisor for over fifteen years.  Fr. Tartaglia answered questions regarding Mr. Lenar and also gave insight into church history.  Mr. Lenar shares with Fr. Tartaglia the spiritual presence of Jesus through signs and wonders which began over twenty years ago.  Documentation is posted on this website.

Regarding the radio show, Bernice Sarfine Yocum writes, "Loci thank you for sharing this program today.  It's a wonderful feeling to hear such good news about our faith.  I also want to thank Fr. Tartaglia for his blessing at the end of the program.  God bless you for all you do!  You can't imagine how much you have added."

By listening to the interviews, our hope is that God will open the heart and minds of visitors to to receive his blessings.  

Press release posted on Catholic PRWire 


Faith Leads to Miracles at St. Mary's Parish


By Loci B. Lenar

(Photograph of Donna Ott)

God is remarkable, especially when He surprises us with miracles.  “It was unexpected,” says Donna Ott, sharing her testimony about being healed of a painful arthritic condition.

Donna related her amazing story during my visit to see Father Richard Tartaglia on November 17th.

I came to see Fr. Richard to drop off a large number of prayer requests from  With Fr. Richard’s help and support, he has arranged for requests to be prayed for on Monday mornings during Holy Hour adoration, including every third Thursday of each month at the evening prayer service held at St. Mary’s Parish

While in the office, Donna showed me her hand – one can visually see that several fingers are affected by arthritis.  Two fingers on her right hand have given her a great deal of difficulty, especially when she tries to write.  “I’ve had daily arthritic pain in my fingers for nearly five years,” says Donna, a parishioner and administrative assistant at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.  The church is on the corner of Myers Avenue and Route 46, Denville, New Jersey. Father Martin Glynn is the head pastor at St. Mary’s.

However, Donna relates that on September 27, 2010, “the pain unexpectedly disappeared.”  She was in the church office at her desk – listening to Radio Maria while doing paperwork; answering the telephones; and greeting visitors.  The computer was connected to the website of Radio Maria and through internet streaming, she tuned into the Catholic radio program, Sacred Treasures.  The show is broadcasted live every Monday at 3:00 PM (EST). 

What makes Donna’s story even more interesting is that she was listening to my testimony on the radio regarding God’s spiritual blessings! 

Radio host Kathie Duggan and I were discussing God’s signs that are related to Our Catholic and Christian faith, including Archangel Michael and a cross which has appeared annually on my property in Mine Hill, NJ, since 2005. We also discussed, a website I launched in 2008.  Documentation regarding my testimony is posted on the site.  While on the radio, I shared news of my healing from several medical conditions which resulted from receiving the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.  Both a heart ailment and years of suffering painful headaches were healed after being anointed with the sacrament by my spiritual director, Fr. Richard Tartaglia.

Donna continued and explained to me that at the end of the radio broadcast, she felt inspired to visit  While on the website, she was examining photographs of the cross which appeared on my property including other pictures of interest.  She says that a sensation of peace came over her while looking at the web pages.  “The whole website touched me in its beauty,” says Donna.

While surfing the site Donna recalled and said, “I was holding my fingers and thinking about wanting them to feel better.”  She didn’t notice until maybe ten or fifteen minutes later that all the pain in her arthritic fingers disappeared. She described having a feeling of inner peace that came over her.

Truly touched by God’s healing grace, she shared her story immediately with Fr. Richard.  Donna said that Fr. Richard responded by saying “That’s faith!"

Without question, faith leads us to God’s gift of answered prayer. Fr. Richard agreed with me that Donna was blessed with a small miracle.

After finishing work at St. Mary's, Donna left and went home and shared the events with her husband Bob, and son Brian, including her other children.  She said they were in awe of her story.

Donna has received a spiritual gift of God's divine love which she can treasure and share with others.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has blessed St. Mary’s Church and Parish as a place where miracles happen!

Lenar on Radio Maria:

St. Mary's Directory:



Seminarian's Life Saved by Cardinal Van Thuan's Intercession - CNA

The following excerpt is from the Catholic News Agency:

By Benjamin Mann

Doctors said Joseph Nguyen was dead. His heart rate was dropping beyond recovery, and all brain activity was gone. But while they wrote his death certificate, Joseph's parents were asking an old family friend for help: a Vietnamese cardinal who is being considered for beatification.

“During my coma, there are only two things I remember,” Joseph Nguyen said. “The only two things I remember are two visions of Cardinal Van Thuan … He appeared to me twice.”

Joseph said he not only saw, but actually met and spoke with Cardinal Van Thuan, during two vivid incidents he described as a “separation of soul and body.” Although he said he couldn't reveal the details of the encounters, he did say that he suspected that they occurred while his doctors were observing his loss of brain activity and decline in vital signs.

“Soon after the second visit” with the cardinal, he said, “I woke up from the coma.” He had “no idea what had happened,” or why he had “all these tubes and wires” coming out of his body, particularly the tube in his neck that kept him from speaking.

When Joseph awoke, after 32 days, a doctor explained he had fallen ill not only with a seasonal flu, but also the H1N1 “Swine Flu,” and severe pneumonia. Friends and family later told him the details of his month in the coma.

Doctors thought it would be months or years before he could speak, walk, or study. But within days he was talking and breathing normally, racing his nurses around the rehabilitation room.

He also received an entirely unexpected phone call from Cardinal Van Thuan's sister in Canada, who ended up giving him one of her brother's rosaries.

Read More: Cardinal Van Thuan's Intercession




The Beauty of Corpus Christi


By Loci B. Lenar

While driving in Chatham Township, I experienced what could be described as a spiritual invitation by Our Lord to visit the Corpus Christi Catholic Church. As I entered the church, my eyes were beholding a rear and beautiful display of rays of light being emitted through the stained glass windows. 

The exhibition of colorful light can be seen throughout Corpus Christi. The reflection can be seen on the church floors and pews. I also photographed a series of images throughout the church.

The church is located on 234 Southern Boulevard in Chatham, New Jersey. The town is located in Morris County.

More photos are posted on the following link: Corpus Christi Church




Orthodox Archbishop Hilarion Predicts Christian Springtime, Healing of Divisions

The following excerpt is from Catholic Online:

On October 10, 2010, Orthodox Archbishop Hilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk is quoted as saying that "A Christian spring is just about to arrive. The 21st century will see the divisions between Christians healed and a rebirth of the faith, gift of God, just as it was preached by the Apostles and preserved by the Fathers."

The prelate described as "erroneous" the consideration of the present time as a "post-Christian" era, and those claims that Christianity will disappear from the religious map in the third millennium and be absorbed by Islam.

Read More: Healing of Christian Divisions



God's Call for Christian Unity Beginning to Unfold with Signs of Historic Change

Commentary by Loci B. Lenar

In reference to Orthodox Archbishop Hilarion Alfeyev's statement regarding "the 21st century will see the divisions between Christians healed and rebirth of the faith,"  I believe God's timing has arrived to move forward with a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit for an upsurge of church wide evangelization.

God indeed is calling for church unity which will encompass Catholics and the Orthodox Church as well as many other Christian denominations.

Catholic Online recently reported that Reverend Jason Cantania, rector of Mount Calvary Episcopal Church in Baltimore, Maryland, had announced a unanimous vote by the parish to leave the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland and to join the Catholic church.

The following excerpt from Catholic Online also reported that Lutherans are seeking full communion with the Catholic Church as well:

Peter Kemmether, a married 62 year old father of four children was ordained to the Holy Priesthood by Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller.  Fr. Peter was granted a dispensation from the canonical discipline of celibacy attached to priestly ordination. He had been a Protestant Pastor who came into the full communion of the Catholic Church as the fruit of a sincere search for the fullness of the Christian faith.  On June 6, 2010, a story in the Philadelphia Enquirer entitled "The Priest and his Mrs."  concerning now Fr. Philip Johnson, a Lutheran Pastor for 19 years, who followed a similar path. He was ordained for the Diocese of Camden with the same exception, under the sponsorship and invitation of Bishop Joseph Galante.

In addition, Catholic Online noted that "Anglicans around the world are coming into full communion with the Catholic Church while maintaining aspects of their liturgical distinctives and Anglican Ethos."

My testimony regarding God's calling for Christian unity is posted on this website.  In the 1990's, I shared a spiritual locution from Jesus with my spiritual director Father Richard Tartaglia, regarding God's plan to move forward in our millennium by building a bridge of peace and unity between people and cultures, including reconciliation amongst religious denominations.

Historic events are beginning to unfold and God's seeds of change are taking root for a new season of Christian unity to cultivate in the church, while Our Lady of Fatima's Message regarding an era of peace will come to fruition.

In Jeremiah 1:12, The Lord said to me, "You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled."

A sign from heaven with my testimony on the matter can be read by visiting the following link: Tribute to King: Signs from God's Heavenly Kingdom 




Mr. Lenar Shares God's Spiritual Gifts and Blessings on Radio Maria

By Loci B. Lenar

I wish to convey my thanks to everyone for tuning into Sacred Treasures on Monday, September 27, 2010 and for listening to my testimony regarding God's spiritual gifts. I also wish to thank radio host, Kathie Duggan, for inviting me to speak on her program.

Some of the topics discussed on the radio show are the events leading to my conversion.  Our conversation focused on the spiritual presence of St. Michael the Archangel, including a cross which has appeared on my property since 2005.  I also discussed my healing of several medical conditions by receiving the sacrament of the anointing of the sick.

As a witness to God's signs and blessings, my hope is that everyone that hears my account will open their heart to receive the Lord's graces.  By doing so, may Jesus guide you on the pathway to salvation, healing, and peace.

I believe God's timing has arrived to move forward with a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit for church wide evangelization.

With that in mind, host Kathie Duggan has invited me back to her program to continue my testimony regarding God's signs and wonders in the coming months. An update will be posted when the schedule becomes available.

For anyone that was unable to tune into
Radio Maria, don't be disappointed, the broadcast of the radio program is now available to visitors of

New testimony which I never before released to the public can now be heard for the first time by listening to the recorded radio broadcast of Sacred Treasures. 

Sacred Treasures is a Catholic radio show, which is broadcasted on radio stations located in Pennsylvania and south into Texas. However, listeners can also visit the website of Radio Maria at to hear the broadcast live between the hours of 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time).

While visiting the website of
Radio Maria, please do consider listening to some of their other wonderful programs.

Share your thoughts and comments by emailing us:

Podcast: Lenar's Testimony Recorded Live on Radio Maria 

Press Releases: 
PRwire-Catholic Online and



Where Miracles Happen by Joan Wester Anderson

Author of Books on Angelic Visitations

Commentary by Loci B. Lenar

If you're interested in books about angels and miracles, you might consider listening to Joan Wester Anderson's recent interveiw on Radio Maria regarding her updated book, Where Miracles Happen.  

On September 20, 2010, Joan was a guest on Kathie Duggan's radio show Sacred Treasures.  A Podcast of the radio broadcast is posted here for your listening pleasure.   The interview begins about one minute into the recording. 

Joan Wester Anderson and her updated book, Where Miracles Happen, is quite inspiring and touched my soul with God's spiritual presence.  While reading Part One: Miracles through Prayer, I was captivated in the story, A Light in Her Life.  The inspiring story with added illustrations is posted on our blog at the following link: Angels Wonders, and Miracles of Faith.

Joan writes that Sue Markgraf had wondered if her hard work as a writer would lead to anywhere.  After having the thought, Joan says, Sue saw an intense ray of light coming through the window in front of her. 

Joan describes Sue seeing a figure in the radiance.  Sue says she felt the figure speaking to her: "Go back to your story."  And then said to her, "Peace is coming."  

Joan writes that since that time, Sue has continued to wonder about the meaning of the blissful vision.  However, she is now confident about her work and God's plan for her.

After reading the remarkable story, it was "perfect timing"  for me to write a letter to my friend, Joan, and share my thoughts about Sue's vision. 

Through providence and prayerful discernment, I believe that my testimony on the Miraculous Signs of Archangel Michael, which can be read on this site, sheds some light on God's plan.

In a spiritual locution I received on September 14, 2009, Jesus called all to join      together and "pray for divine protection"  in order to mitigate and extinguish violence throughout the world and to usher in an "era of peace."  

The locution was also shared with my spiritual advisor, Father Richard Tartaglia of St. Mary's Church.

Our Lady of Fatima also spoke of an era peace in her 1917 apparitions to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal.  For additional information on Our Lady's message, please visit the following link: World Apostolate of Fatima, USA

God indeed works in mysterious ways in connecting people at the appropriate time. 

Joan Wester Anderson's book is certainly inspirational and Where Miracles Happen!



Miracle at Knock Shrine - Woman Healed of Multiple Sclerosis

The following excerpt appeared on As part of the documentary “Apparitions”, which aired in Ireland, Marion Carroll discussed the day that she was cured of her crippling disease, multiple sclerosis, at the Marian Shrine in Knock.

Though many have reported visitations of the Virgin Mary at Knock over the years, Marion’s case is the first miracle. The officials at Knock believed that the authenticity of her case warranted that it be sent to the Vatican to be authenticated. It is currently under review there. Her's is the first miracle from Knock to be sent to the Vatican.



Rachel Lozano - A Miracle Cured Her Cancer

The following excerpt is from

ST. LOUIS, MO ( - Was a cancer recovery a miracle? The St. Louis Catholic Archdiocese thinks so. They say a St. Louis woman's cancer has vanished because of her prayers to a priest who's now on the verge of becoming a saint. They've asked the Vatican to certify her case miracle.

There are some things medical science can't explain. Rachel Lozano's cure is one of them. Rachel Lozano was first diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when she was fifteen. By the year 2000 it looked hopeless. On a church trip that year to the Vatican for a ceremony honoring Father William Chaminade. she prayed that Father William Chaminade to heal her.

Her prayers continued. So did the cancer. Finally, she was given weeks to live. When surgeons operated they found a dead tumor. Six years later Lozano remains cancer-free. After an investigation the St. Louis Archdiocese concluded it was the prayers and Chaminnade that cured the cancer. If the Vatican agrees chances are good that Chaminade, a French priest and founder of the Marianist order could become a saint.

Video interview: Rachel Lozano



Ethan Payne: Angels Catched Me -

The following excerpt and news video is about the amazing medical recovery of Ethan Payne after falling out of his house window and landing on a concrete pavement:

Two-year-old Ethan Payne fell out of a second-story window. Doctors worried he would have brain damage or never walk again. But through the power of prayer, Ethan was better within six hours.

He does have a simple explanation of what happened to him after he fell from the window.

"The angels catched me,"  Ethan said


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